Game Type: Aion Classic 
Promotion Duration: June 11 -July 2 

Welcome to the Aion Classic 3.0 update! For Daevas who are just starting out, we have prepared a Beginner’s Special Package to help you begin your journey. Don't miss this opportunity to obtain essential items from equipment to stigma! 

Store Update




Purchase Limit 

Beginner Special Bundle 

Novice's Equipment Package II 

990 Quna 

1 per Account 

Novice's Stigma Package II 

[Event] Telos of the Forgotten Bonus Entry Scroll 

[Event] 3 Major Ancient Crown Box 


Item Details 

Novice's Equipment Package II 

Level 35 Fabled Armor Support Box 

Level 45 Fabled Armor Support Box 

Level 55 Fabled Armor Support Box 

Level 55 Fabled Weapon Support Box 

Cool-Headed Adventurer's Accessory Package 


Novice's Stigma Package II 

Level 45-54 Greater Stigma Box II 

L51-55 Heroic Stigma Box II 

L55 Fabled Stigma Box II 

L20-30 Normal Stigma Box II 

L25-40 Normal Stigma Box II 

L40-50 Normal Stigma Box II 

[Event] Stigma Shard (10000)