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Siel's Aura Subscription
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2 hours of Siel's Aura benefits per day, then the following:
Always (Subscription users)
Field Gameplay
Exp Rate
Item Acquisition
Common and below only
All rarities
Kinah Acquisition
Abyss Point Acquisition
Exp Rate
Item Acquisition
All rarities
All rarities
Kinah Acquisition
Abyss Point Acquisition
Direct Trade / Private Shop
Join a party / alliance
Join a legion
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How am I billed for my Siel’s Aura subscription?
Why did I get two emails (cancellation and purchase confirmations) for upgrading my Siel’s Aura subscription?
Can I use Black Cloud Coin, NCoin, or Quna to pay for Siel’s Aura?
Is there a way to get Siel’s Aura with kinah or another in-game currency?
I already have X days left of Siel’s Aura. How will the recurring subscription work?
Can I buy multiple Siel’s Aura subscriptions?
How do I cancel my Siel’s Aura subscription?
Can I get a refund?