The Winter Holidays are here! Grab a cup of hot chocolate and take a seat by the fire as you read about our latest Aion Retail events for the season! But first, we are delighted to tell you that Sanctum and Pandemonium have been completely transformed for the season. Please enjoy these winter wonderlands with other Daevas and perhaps you should even start scouting out locations for a future photoshoot 😉 - wink wink! Enjoy!



Winter Holiday Festival Part 1

Game Type: Aion Retail
Event Duration:
December 5th - December 19th
Level Restriction: 80+

To kick off the the holiday celebrations, let's start with a festival of giving! Check out the free items below that you can receive if you've reached levels 80+. We hope these items aid you during your winter adventures!

Event Details

Get items through in-game surveys
- Only once per account
- Obtainable by characters level +80


Item Qty
[Event] Daevanion Essence 1
[Event] Daevanion Skill Selection Box (10 types) 3
[Event] Warm Cookie Doll Mask 10
[Event] Warm Rudolph Doll Mask 10
[Event] Warm Santa Doll Mask 10
[Event] Warm Snowman Doll Mask 10



Shugo Emperor's Vault

Game Type: Aion Retail
Event Duration:
December 5th - December 19th
Level Restriction: 80+
Item Removal: December 26

Intruders are looking for a way to get into the Shugo Emperor’s Vault! Being the helpful Daeva you are, you’ve been tasked with safeguarding the vault and wiping out the pesky intruders. The Shugo Emperor will reward you handsomely if you’re successful. If you’re level 80 or higher, within the Inggison and Gelkmaros, you'll find a Secret Passage. Brave it, and you'll be sent to the Shugo Emperor’s Vault once per day. You're welcome to buy additional tickets to access the Vault if you'd like, but please note there's a weekly limit of 3 purchases. Inside you’ll have to transform into mighty black ranger to continue further.

Additional entrance scroll/tickets can be purchased using Kinah limited to three times a week through additional entrance scroll purchase box.

NPC Region
Ticket Shop Inggison
Shugo Emperor's Vault Entrance Inggison

You will have eight minutes to fight and defeat as many monsters as you can. Each monster you defeat will give you points, and at the end of your 8 minutes you’ll be graded based on how many points you have. The more points the better the rank! Based on your rank, you’ll receive keys to use inside the Emperor’s secret vault.

Rank Key Qty
S Rusted Vault Key X 6
A Rusted Vault Key X 4
B Rusted Vault Key X 3
C Rusted Vault Key X 2
D ~ F


*Need 1 x Rusted Vault Key to open Treasure Box


Earn Rewards

Treasure Chest Rewards

Use the key to open the treasure box to obtain different quantities of "[Event] Shugoling Gem" items depending on the probability

Item Qty
[Event] Shugoling Gem 1/2/4/7/10

Merchant Listings

Purchase desired items through NPC Daparerk with ‘[Event] Shugoling Gem’

Item Name Qty [Event] Shugoling Gem Limits
Daevanion Essence 1 40 3/Week
[Event] Ancient Refining Stone 1 30 3/Week
Socket Reset Stone 1 30 3/Week
Grade A Rank 4 Minion Contract (5 types) Selection Box  1 50 1/Week
[Event] Empyrean Lord's Holy Water 1 25 5/Week
Ultimate Fighting Spirit Weapon Box 1 60 2/Week

Item Removal

[Event] Shugoling Gem will be removed on December 26