Twisted Draupnir Cave Event

Event Duration: November 2 – November 16 

Required Level: 55+ 


Gather your party and enter the Twisted Draupnir Cave! This vast cavern system is swarming with hostiles and should not be faced alone due to its complex layout, layered structure and numerous elite monsters at every turn. 


Daevas may gather in a party of 6 to fight their way through the Draupnir Cave and eventually make their way to the brigade general himself: Commander Bakarma. If you successfully defeat the cave’s final boss, you’ll not only be able to get regular loot but special event rewards as well! Each time, 3 x Lv 60 Manastone Bundles will drop and will be obtained through the party dice system. If you find one run isn’t enough, not to worry! Players will be able to enter the cave 5 times per week. 

 You can see the full details of your drops below: 






Level 60 Superior Manastone Bundle (NEW) 

A pouch containing Level 60 Manastones. 100% Drop Rate 

Other drops: Balic Materials (100% drop rate), Lv 50 Commander Bakarma Weapons, Balic Materials - Curse  

Quna Shop Update 

And to close out and say a proper farewell to the Harvest Revel season, we’re adding these fairytale costumes to the Quna shop permanently! Whether you’re flying off into the night or skipping to grandmother’s house, these costumes are a perfect addition to your collection! 


Product Name 


Item Name 


Sale End 

Fairy Tale Outfit 

Fairy Tale Outfit 



Fairy Tale Wings 

Fairy Tale Wings