Black Tiger Event 

Event Dates: January 11 – February 8 

A special double dungeon event has been issued to the bravest Daevas across Atreia! The majestic Black Tiger has heard of your bravery from the Dungeon Delves of the past and is now issuing a brand-new challenge to test your might. Honor and glory are within your reach, should you wish to meet the challenge laid at your feet by setting forth to defeat the legendary beasts.  


Seek out this divine summon simply by traveling to Dredgion or the Tiak Research Center and locating The Black Tiger! Challenges vary at each location, so be sure to visit both! 


Should you fell this spectacular beast, you shall be given additional points and fantastic buffs to promote greater rewards! Are you ready to step up and face this challenge? 


Players who are able to defeat the Black Tigers within Dredgion and Tiak Research Base shall either be granted additional rewards or buffs, depending on the dungeon and types. 

  • Dredgion has 3 Black Tigers worth 700 points each for their defeat. 
  • Tiak Research Base has 2 Black Tigers who grant a 50% buff in Magical or Physical Attacks. 
  • Tiak Research Base also has 2 Black Tiger Kings that offer 1,000 points on defeat.