Event Duration: February 15 - March 1

Are you ready to take care of a little devil-looking fairy of your own? This Lunar-tine Day (Lunar New Year + Valentine's Day), there’s a tiny fiend offering rewards in exchange for sweet treats! Learn how to get your own Little Devil-looking fairy and the rewards it offers in this upcoming Lunar-tine Day event!

Get Started

To get started, you’ll want to visit the NPC ‘Lunartina’ located in your Capital City’s Square to receive your Fairy Egg. This Little Devil will be your companion through the event’s duration and will expire 21 days after you initially submit it.

With a hungry pet now at your side, you’ll need to acquire some food for it!

Feed your Pet

Head out into the open-world to hunt down unique items to feed it! Specifically, this pet will eat either [Event] Sweet Cacao, or [Event] Chewy Rice Powder.

Look for them in any field zone except the starting zones of Poeta and Ishalgen. They will not be found within instanced dungeons, and Monsters which don’t usually drop items are not going to have these on-hand either.

Get Sweet Rewards

Once you’ve fed your pet between 90 and 110 snacks, your Little Devil will give you an [Event] Chocolate Rice Cake. This exchange can only be performed every two hours, as it will take some time for the Little Devil to work up its appetite again!  Open up the [Event] Chocolate Rice Cake and inside you’ll receive an [Event] Silk Piece and a chance to receive an additional reward.

Item Name Chance Reward Name Qty
[Event] Chocolate Rice Cake Guaranteed [Event] Silk Piece 1
One at random [Event] Abyssal Star 1
[Event] Berdin's Giant Lucky Star 1
[Event] Berdin's Lucky Star 1
[Event] Warm Beverage 10
[Event] Warm Food Bundle 1
[Event] Versatile Dye 1
[Event] Transformation Scroll Bundle 1
[Event] Bundle of 10 Grade A Minium 1
[Event] Bundle of 10 Grade S Minium 1
Demaha Neutral Base Teleport Scroll Bundle 1
[Event] Legendary Enchantment Stone Selection Box (7 days) 1
[Event] Ultimate Enchantment Stone Selection Box (7 days) 1

Once you’ve acquired 30 x [Event] Silk Piece, you can complete the Event Quest “Collect [Event] Silk Pieces” from Lunartina, and receive the following rewards:

Cost Reward Name Qty
x30 [Event] Silk Pieces [Event] Regal Hanbok 1
[Event] Fluttering Wings 1

A Special Bonus

We are also adding a special Valentine's Day Buff that’s positively to die for! Look for Fairy in each capital city to obtain a buff which lasts for 30 minutes, and grants the following:

Buff Effect
A Noble's Blessing HP +900, Physical Crit +450, and MP +630
HP +900, Magic Crit +450, and MP +630

Lasts 90min and is not removed upon death

We hope your enjoy this holiday event, and may fortune favor you!


Item Deletion

To ensure that future events receive fair participation from all players, most event items will be deleted upon the event’s conclusion. We will be deleting the following items on 3/8: 

  • [Event] Sweet Cacao
  • [Event] Chewy Rice Powder
  • [Event] Chocolate Rice Cake
  • [Event] Silk Piece
  • [Event] Anticouple Egg (21 Days)

Please scour your characters for any leftover event items and use them before the event ends!