Greetings Daevas,

Next week marks Aion’s 12th Anniversary. We hope you are enjoying the anniversary events so far, and this year we have even more than usual planned. New events nearly every week!

2021 has been quite a busy year for Aion. There have been a great deal of changes over this past year and still more coming up. I wanted to take some time and go over some of these with you all.

First of all, Aion, or Aion (Retail) as we have noticed many players referring to it, has recently consolidated servers. The Katalam server has now joined forces with and welcomed all Danarian Daevas into the server. We agree with those stressing the importance of faction balance, and are closely monitoring the faction balance.

We have also seen the popular feedback of late expressing a desire for new content and fresh events. This leads us into the next topic:

Aion 8.0:

Yes, 8.0 is coming soon and with it, a great deal of changes to Aion. Namely the new zone Apsaranta, the Oath system, and for the first time in several years, a level cap increase to Level 85. Look out for several new posts about this upcoming release and its new systems over the next few weeks.

This year we also released the long-awaited Aion Classic in the Americas!

Thousands of Daevas from around the world have gathered to defend Atreia from the Balaur again. This time around we have followed the Korean service much more closely than when Aion was first released in the west. We launched with version 1.2 and are currently targeting to release the 1.5 update sometime next month. With the 1.5 update, we will see a large expansion to the Level 50 end-game for players through the Dark Poeta instance and the Daevanian Quests. We also may have a few quality-of-life changes that differ from the original release, but you’ll have to keep an eye out for posts about the upcoming 1.5 update soon. In preparation for 1.5 we have some EXP events planned so that you’ll be prepared to face Tahabata, as well as the Fearsome Gojira event starting this week!

Lastly I’d like to thank all Aion and Aion Classic players, for taking the time to leave us feedback on the forums and through our various surveys. We’ve been able to make changes to improve the game based on this feedback and will continue to review all future feedback to help improve the game.


Wesley “Loki” White

Aion Associate Producer