Dear Daevas,

Thank you for joining us for this special edition of the Producer’s Letter. Today we’ll dive into both Aion and Aion Classic, giving you a sneak peek into our ongoing efforts and future plans.

Aion Classic:

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest update, Aion Classic 3.0: Fist of Eternity! Introducing the new Brawler class is a moment of excitement for us all, paired with many updates and events that Daevas will love.

While we celebrate this new update, it’s crucial to address the issues you've helped us identify within Aion Classic over the past years. I'd like to take this opportunity to clarify the drop rate and communication challenges that have caused confusion and frustration within the community.

Following the drop rate adjustments with the 2.0 Update, we diligently collected community feedback to tackle the issue with the development team. The adjustment of world drops in August 2023 was well-received by the community. However, with the 2.4 Update, we encountered serious technical setbacks stemming from these drop rate changes, necessitating a rollback. Despite initial hopes that this was a temporary problem, it persisted. These technical setbacks proved that this was no longer a route we could take without jeopardizing the game. A new solution was required.

Ultimately, we had to revert back to the old drop rate and instead, introduce a Lockbox system to curb excessive farming by bots. However, it's evident that this solution still fell short of expectations.

Recently, we conducted a survey to gather feedback and are committed to making changes based on your input. With the introduction of the Season 3 Lockbox system in the 3.0 Update, we've boosted the drop rate of actual box drops and the likelihood of obtaining items from the box, promising a noticeable change. Recognizing the importance of essential items such as Kinah, Manastones and Balic materials, this adjustment will significantly improve your chances of acquiring them.

However, implementing these changes across all zones poses challenges. Given that the majority of farming occurs in Balaurea and Apheta Beluslan, we've decided to focus these adjustments specifically on the new zone introduced in 3.0, Rafslan. We are looking forward to expanding the drops to the other regions after we see how this impacts your in-game experiences.

Addressing all these issues simultaneously isn't straightforward, but we're dedicated to making Aion Classic a healthy and engaging place for players new and old. We're keenly aware of the hurdles hindering the growth and empowerment of Daevas, and we'll always work to improve the game.


Aion (Live)

This year marks the 15th Anniversary of Aion, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support. We pledge to implement changes based on feedback and remain committed to reviewing future feedback to enrich your gaming experience.

We know we’ve addressed community concerns slower than you would like, and some unresolved issues are still hanging around. Alongside the community, we'll continually address and resolve these matters to help Aion soar to great heights.

We're mindful of the Luna, faction imbalance, and bot issues, posing significant threats to the server economy and structure. While there's no quick fix to these problems, we're actively exploring ways to improve them. Although resolution may take time, we intend to revitalize more beloved experiences like Tiamaranta's Eye.

We recognize the strain these challenges have placed on the community. We’re always working to hear and understand the issues closest to your heart with Rownen, the Community Team, and constant monitoring of Discord posts. We’re going to keep searching for resolutions to the issues that most concern our passionate players.

Your support is invaluable, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to improving our gaming service. Keep voicing your thoughts, negative and positive. It’s the best way for us to work towards a bright future for Aion.


Andrew “Roseae”
Aion Producer