Update Arrival: Early May

Many of you have been waiting on the edge of your seat for this update, and it is our great honor to present the official preview of its arrival: Aion 8.2 Update is arriving in early May! But just what wonderful delights might we see in this soon-to-be patch? Well, there’s quite a lot to cover, so let’s get a quick rundown of what to expect:

  • The Wardrobe System Arrives
  • Heart of Apsaranta (Normal)
  • New Apsaranta Legions Are Gearing Up
  • Empyrean Lord’s Sacred Relic Season 2 Begins
  • Kerub’s Quick Guide Season 2 Begins

The Wardrobe System Arrives

We know you’ve been asking, Daevas, and now it’s finally on the horizon! The brand-new Wardrobe system will be making its way to Aion in 8.2, giving players the ability to save and easily access different styles and colorations on the go. Soon, you’ll be able to deck out all your gear with your best fashion foot forward, so get ready to take to the skies in style. Don’t worry though, all your previously saved Luna Wardrobe items will be added to the new system and be ready to go!

Heart of Apsaranta (Normal)

Was Heart of Apsaranta getting a bit too easy for you battle-hardened Daevas looking for the next big challenge? Well now you’re in luck, for Heart of Apsaranta (Normal) is coming your way to test your might like never before! Twice a week, groups of 2-6 players level 81+ can face off in this familiar instance—however, your rewards for victory in this amplified battle will come with much greater treasures to claim! Do you have what it takes to topple these fiends and claim your spoils?

New Apsaranta Legions Are Gearing Up

Gear up and get ready for more battles in Apsaranta, as new Legions are teaming up and making way for new quests and glories to chase! What’s more, it’s not just anyone in command… we’ve heard that the likes of Nezekan and Zikel have arrived to show just who is the best!

Empyrean Lord's Sacred Relic Season 2 Begins

A new season for new rewards: With Nezekan and Zikel now leading the forces in Apsaranta, the Empyrean Lord’s Sacred Relic has also been updated for Season 2, allowing players to obtain powerful rewards to further their abilities in Atreia! There will be 300 challenging levels to obtain, but well worth the attempt should you be diligent in your efforts!

Kerub's Quick Guide Season 2 Begins

Kerub is also back with another season’s worth of quick missions to get Daevas up to speed with gratuitous rewards for taking the time to be knowledgeable. Players level 76+ can begin these refreshed missions and rewards as soon as they complete each step by their trusty guide. Brush up on your A, B, C’s and your 1, 2, PUNCH!

And More!

Of course, we hope this has whet your appetite for what is to come in 8.2. There are more details to share about each of these, including other updates and bug fixes that come packaged within. Stay tuned for the full update notes coming closer to its official release date in early May!

See you then, Daevas!