On August 4, we will be consolidating the Danaria and Katalam Servers. Below, we have attempted to answer a number of questions which we expect users might have.


Q: My character is on Katalam. What happens to me? 

A: Characters on Katalam at the time of the merge will keep their character name and housing. If you have Asmodian and Elyos characters on the same server after the merge, you will be unable to create more characters until only one race is present.  


The following Q&A applies to characters on Danaria ONLY: 

Q: I can't create a character. What gives? 

A: Character creation on Danaria was disabled during maintenance for accounts that do not already have a character on the server. This will last until the merge. 

Q: What happens to my character name? 

A: Character names on Danaria will be randomized and affected characters will receive a name change ticket. Names are first-come, first-served.  

Q: How will Name Conflicts be Handled?
If a player wishes to keep a name of theirs which is already owned by another player, they can submit a Support Ticket.

Customer Support will assist players with name ownership disputes, and assign the future ownership of a name based on the following:

  • Are both characters level 80+?
  • If not, the higher level character will own the name
  • If so, Support will use their discretion to award ownership based upon the age of the character and the total time played (provided the character is still active).

Q: What happens to my legion name? 

A: Legion names on Danaria will be randomized, and the Brigade General will receive a legion name change ticket. Names are first-come, first-served.  

Q: How will Legion Name Conflicts be Handled?
A: Customer Support will assist players with legion name ownership disputes. Legion names conflicts will be awarded based upon Support's discretion, factoring in the level of the Legion (provided the Brigade General and members are still active).

Q: I have non-studio housing. What happens to me? 

A: During the merge, your non-studio housing will be forfeited and you'll be refunded the bid price you purchased it for. Some or all of your deployed furniture may be undeployed during this process (it will still be available for deployment), and you will lose any custom wallpaper or flooring. Additionally, you will receive 250 Guestblooms. Housing auctions will be disabled from maintenance on 7/28 until the merge. 

Q: What about housing auction and maintenance fees? 

A: If you had a bid on a house with no previous owner, you will be awarded the house during maintenance on 8/4. If your non-studio housing was in the process of being auctioned during maintenance on 8/4, the auction was canceled with no winner (the housing will be returned to you). You will be refunded your auction fee via in-game mail within one week. Additionally, all non-studio owners will receive enough kinah to cover 4 weeks of maintenance fees. These will be mailed out within one week. 

Q: I have studio housing. What happens to me? 

A: Studio housing is unaffected by the merge. 

Q: What happens to items in my inventory, personal storage, housing storage, and pet storage? 

A: These items (including Kinah) will all transfer to the new server with you. For housing storage that was undeployed due to the switch to studio housing, you will need to redeploy it to access your items. 

Q: What happens to items in the account warehouse? 

A: Items in the account warehouse on Danaria will appear in the account warehouse on Katalam. Any overflow will be treated like a normal inventory overflow, where items populate as others are removed (no items will be lost). Account warehouses are race-specific, so Elyos and Asmodian characters on the same account will have separate warehouses if they occupy the same server after the merge. 

Q: Does anything happen to my Luna, Black Cloud Coin, unlocked Cubics or Transformations? 

A: Luna and Black Cloud Coin are account-bound currencies and will not be affected. Cubics and Transformations are unlocked account-wide and will not be affected, either. 

Q: What happens to my mailbox? 

A: The mailbox and its contents will transfer with the character. Purchased store items on the Black Cloud Deliveries tab will not be affected and can still be claimed by any eligible character on the account. 

Q: What happens to my GP and rank? 

A: GP will be unaffected by the merge, however the GP ranks are scheduled to reset as 8/4 marks the end of the GP season. For more information visit here. If there is any change to the server merge date, the ranks will still reset on 8/4 as they are not technically a part of the merge process. 

Q: What happens to my Arena of Harmony and GP season progress? 

A: 8/4 is the end of a season, and rewards will already have been distributed by the time maintenance begins. Progress earned during the 2 hours between the season end and the merge maintenance will be lost. 

Q: Are there any special events or bonuses happening around the server merge? 

A: Post-merge, all players on Katalam will be able to enjoy the following buffs for a period of two weeks from 8/4 until 8/18: 

+400% XP, +200% Drop, +200% Crafting, and +200% AP