100% drop rates are coming to Throne of Dragonlord: Telos and Padmarashka's Cave in the latest instance Drop Boost Event alongside an hourly login event called the Empyrean Lord's Gift!


Drop Boost Event
Empyrean Lord's Gift

Drop Boost Event

Server Game Type: Aion Classic
Event Duration: October 31 - November 14

With this event you are guaranteed to receive one of the items from the following tables below when you defeat boss monsters inside these instances. It's time to go hunting for big rewards!

Throne of Dragonlord: Telos 

Godstone (1 out of 17 - 100% Drop)


Godstone: Fasimedes' Majesty

Godstone: Vidar's Dignity

Godstone: Helkes' Revenge

Godstone: Khrudgelmir's Tacitness

Godstone: Bollvigs's Tragedy

Godstone: Deltras's Loyalty

Godstone: Ieo's Sadness

Godstone: Orissan's Blood

Godstone: Mahisha's Wrath

Godstone: Boreas's Encouragement

Godstone: Charna's Cleverness

Godstone: Thrasymedes' Wit

Godstone: Jumentis's Agility

Godstone: Traufnir's Bravery

Godstone: Sif's Knowledge

Godstone: Freyr's Wisdom

Godstone: Sigyn's Intelligence


Pacification Weapons (1 out of 11 - 100% Drop)


Pacification Sword

Pacification Dagger

Pacification Warhammer

Pacification Greatsword

Pacification Spear

Pacification Staff

Pacification Longbow

Pacification Tome

Pacification Jewel

Pacification Chainsword

Pacification Shield


Stigma (1 out of 9 - 100% Drop)


Leap Slash I (Maximum I)

Focus Capture I (Maximum I)

Enraging Arrow I (Maximum I)

Assassin's Step I (Maximum I)

Vengeful Dodge I (Maximum I)

Meditative Touch I (Maximum I)

Shackle of Darkness I (Maximum I)

Ward Sigil (Maximum I)

Lightning Strike I (Maximum I)


Young Dragon Lord's Wings (100% Drop)


Young Dragon Lord's Wings


Padmarashka's Cave

Padmarashka's Raging Weapons (1 out of 15 - 100% Drop)


Padmarashka's Raging Shield

Padmarashka's Raging Scale Shield

Padmarashka's Raging Sword

Padmarashka's Raging Warhammer

Padmarashka's Raging Dagger

Padmarashka's Raging Dirk

Padmarashka's Raging Jewel

Padmarashka's Raging Tome

Padmarashka's Raging Greatsword

Padmarashka's Raging Spear

Padmarashka's Raging Staff

Padmarashka's Raging Longbow

Padmarashka's Raging Scale Sword

Padmarashka's Raging Reversed Sword

Padmarashka's Raging Chainsword


Eternal Armors (1 out of 20 - 100% Drop)


Eternal Tunic

Eternal Jerkin

Eternal Hauberk

Eternal Breastplate

Eternal Leggings

Eternal Breeches

Eternal Chausses

Eternal Greaves

Eternal Gloves

Eternal Vambrace

Eternal Handguards

Eternal Gauntlets

Eternal Pauldrons

Eternal Shoulderguards

Eternal Spaulders

Eternal Shoulderplates

Eternal Shoes

Eternal Boots

Eternal Brogans

Eternal Sabatons


Padmarashka Amors (1 out of 20 - 100% Drop)


Padmarashka's Tunic

Padmarashka's Jerkin

Padmarashka's Hauberk

Padmarashka's Breastplate

Padmarashka's Gloves

Padmarashka's Vambrace

Padmarashka's Handguards

Padmarashka's Gauntlets

Padmarashka's Pauldrons

Padmarashka's Shoulderguards

Padmarashka's Spaulders

Padmarashka's Shoulderplates

Padmarashka's Leggings

Padmarashka's Breeches

Padmarashka's Chausses

Padmarashka's Greaves

Padmarashka's Shoes

Padmarashka's Boots

Padmarashka's Brogans

Padmarashka's Sabatons

Empyrean Lord's Gift

Server Game Type: Aion Classic
Level Requirement: 50+
Event Duration: October 31 - November 14
[Event] Mysterious Shard Item Deletion: November 14 (During Scheduled Maintenance)
[Event] Elite Primus Pilus Weapon Selection Box Delivery Date: November 21 (During Scheduled Maintenance)
[Event] Mysterious Gem Item Deletion: November 21 (During Scheduled Maintenance)

We will be launching an hourly login event to show our appreciation for Daevas across all of Atreia on Aion Classic! Players who follow through with all steps of the event will receive an Elite Primus Pilus Weapon Selection Box! To participate, login to the client and check 'Login Reward Event' each day you log in. You must be level 50 or higher to receive the rewards. See the full list of what you can earn by referencing the table below:

■ Rewards:

Login Time



1 Hour

[Event] Lv. 60 Superior Manastone Bundle


2 Hours

Major Ancient Goblet


3 Hours 

[Event] Mysterious Shard


■ [Event] Mysterious Shard Assemble 

- Assemble 10 x [Event] Mysterious Shard into [Event] Mysterious Gem




[Event] Mysterious Shard

■ Item Deletion

[Event] Mysterious Shard will be deleted on November 14 during the scheduled maintenance.

*Please make sure to assemble your [Event] Mysterious Shard into [Event] Mysterious Gem before November 14.


Final Reward

■ Survey Reward: 

Any account who obtains [Event] Mysterious Gem in their character through assembling [Event] Mysterious Shard during the event period will receive [Event] Elite Primus Pilus Weapon Selection Box. This will be delivered via survey the week after the event ends on November 21.

Please make sure to NOT delete the [Event] Mysterious Gem item from your character before you receive the reward survey.

**Please note that reward will only be available one per account regardless of number of [Event] Mysterious Gem you have on your characters. For example, if you have 3 characters in your account, and obtained [Event] Mysterious Gem on all of your characters, you will still get 1 account survey with the reward.

Require Item


1 x [Event] Mysterious Gem

1 x [Event] Elite Primus Pilus Weapon Selection Box

■ [Event] Mysterious Gem 




[Event] Mysterious Gem

■ Item Deletion

[Event] Mysterious Gem will be deleted on November 21 during the scheduled maintenance.

■ [Event] Elite Primus Pilus Weapon Selection Box


Bundle Name





[Event] Elite Primus Pilus Weapon Selection Box

[Event] Elite Guardian Primus Pilus Weapon Selection Box



[Event] Elite Archon Primus Pilus Weapon Selection Box