Your collection of costumes may be among your most prized possessions in Atreia. However, a drawback of those colorful collections was unavoidably the inventory required to store them...until now! The space requirement is now a thing of the past with Aion Classic’s newest feature: Wardrobes!

What is the Wardrobe?

First and foremost—Wardrobes allow you to apply your glamorous ensemble with ease. They also provide a way to store all your outfits without impacting any of your character’s normal inventory or storage.

This feature also comes with many other perks as well! For example, you will now be able to search for specific outfits you wish to don by simply typing in their name—or you can preview outfits and then favorite different cosmetics to easily access your best looks quickly, saving you the time and the hassle of searching for each item manually.

Let’s examine the core elements involved with the Wardrobe feature.

Wardrobe Storage Slots

By default, the Wardrobe will initially hold space for one outfit item. This can be expanded from the first slot, up to a maximum of 100 via Wardrobe Slot Expansion Tickets, or by exchanging 400 Quna per additional slot.

Be on the lookout for other bundles and deals to expand your Wardrobe slots should you choose!

Storing Gear in the Wardrobe

Before you can start showing off your fantastic outfits, you’ll need to register the appearance items to your Wardrobe storage!

By right-clicking on the eligible items to be stored while the Wardrobe menu is open, you will receive a prompt to register it to your closet. Click [Ok] to store it properly, which can then be applied to your appearances! All items added to the Wardrobe can now be previewed while in the storage system, and to boot, any items that had been dyed to your liking will still have their color variation applied!

Please note that registered items cannot be retrieved or restored, and any skills on the item will be deleted.

The following items cannot be applied to the Wardrobe:

  • Items that have an appearance change applied to them
  • Items that cannot have their appearance applied
  • Limited-time items
  • Items that cannot be worn due to gender or race restrictions
  • Limited-time dyes.
  • Items that are still in bundles
  • Items that are equipped with manastones

Dyeing your Wardrobe Apparel

At the top of the Wardrobe’s menu, you can find a tab for dyeing your apparel’s appearance. In this menu, you can preview the dyes on the item before applying it permanently to the piece. After you’ve settled on its desired appearance, the dye will be consumed and now reflect upon the selected pieces when applied!

Please note that once you have clicked the [Dye Appearance] button, the color is implemented immediately, so choose carefully!

How to Change Your Appearance

Now for the fun part: How to apply your outstanding outfits for all to admire!

While in the Wardrobe, click on the [Change Appearance] tab at the top to begin displaying all your stored apparel. Toggle through your items to apply them to the character preview window until you find your desired style. Once you’ve settled on the perfect look, select the equipment you wish to be changed (if it is currently equipped, you will need to unequip it!) and click on the [Change Appearance] button at the bottom to apply the style. A prompt will display to confirm your Wardrobe selection and to pay the appropriate price for the application of your style.

Click [Ok] once more and prepare to dazzle the masses! (Or terrify them—it’s your look, after all!)

Need to remove the style or change it up? Got some brand-new gear and need to get rid of the old stuff? No problem! Just head back into the Wardrobe and change your appearance again or remove it from the selected gear! The possibilities are endless.

Please note that when gear has its appearance changed, you cannot apply it to the Wardrobe, register it for sale, or store the equipment in the account’s warehouse or legion warehouse until the appearance is removed.

Selecting Favorites and Deleting Appearances

Selecting favorites and moving out old appearances is quick and simple! By selecting the star on the left-hand side of the item, you can mark favorites to show up at the top of your list for quick access. At the same time, if you are tired of an old appearance and do not want it to show up in your wardrobe ever again, clicking on the trashcan icon will permanently delete it (so make sure you’re ready to part with it!)

Glam it Up!

The Wardrobe system has a multitude of functions to make your life simpler in preparing your Daeva for the best possible outfits that Atreia has to offer, while conveniently saving your storage and inventory for more important battle-ready items! You can have the same appearance across all of your gear or have different styles depending on what suits the mood.

We hope you enjoy the new Wardrobe feature. Please share your new appearances and experiences on the forums with us so that everyone can see what you’ve created!

Strut your stuff, Daevas! ⭐