Server Type: Aion Retail
Event Duration:
November 14, 3PM PST – November 28, 3PM PST
Level Requirements: 80+
Item/NPC Removal Date: November 28

Just when you thought the harvest was saved, Tentakluds and thieving Dukaki Swindlers have returned to raid the Garden of Growth once again! Head to the Garden of Growth instance and start protecting the crops!  

Once inside, you will find the vulnerable vegetation within the Garden under threat. This vegetation is highly valuable and will provide bountiful rewards to those who can protect it.

Every 10 minutes, crops within the garden will begin to mature and can be harvested for items once they are fully grown. You must defend your crops by slaying the invasive Tentakluds and Dukaki Swindlers who sully its soil. You will also receive 2x experience while inside the garden! 

To streamline the garden’s defense, we have once again enabled the auto-hunting feature for this specific event map. This means that the auto-hunting UI will become available again for all players, but note that it will only function within the Garden of Growth itself. 

How To Enter 

In order to save the Garden, you first must make your way to entrances found in Inggison and Gelkmaros. The entrances can be accessed once per day. Additional entries will be made available via Kinah and Black Cloud Marketplaces. 





Max Duration 



9AM Daily 

60 Minutes 


Additional Entries

See NPC Yurmanerk to purchase additional tickets! 

NPC Yurmanerk


Weekly Limit 

[Event] Garden of Growth 3 Time Entry Ticket Set I 


[Event] Garden of Growth 3 Time Entry Ticket Set II 

[Event] Garden of Growth 3 Time Entry Ticket Set III 

Reap the Rewards 

Once the crops complete a maturation cycle, they can be harvested for [Event] Experience Crystal. In addition, defeating Tentakluds and Dukaki Swindlers will yield experience, an [Event] Event Coin, and an occasional [Event] Berdin’s Lucky Star


All Possible Rewards 

Dukaki Swindlers 

[Event] Event Coin 

Garden Tentaklud/Dukaki Swindlers 

[Event] Berdin's Lucky Star 


Black Cloud Marketplace Update 

While protecting your garden, consider adding some of the following items to your collection: 

Item Name 



Sale End 


[BCM] Garden of Growth
Bonus Entry Scroll 



Adds one entry for Garden of Growth.
Available until 11/28. 


Item/NPC Removal 

The following items will be removed during maintenance on November 28. 


NPC Yurmanerk 

[BCM] Garden of Growth Bonus Entry Scroll