Free Siels Aura Benefits Extension!

Event Duration: May 9 June 13
As a show of gratitude for your support, we are extending the Free Siel's Aura Benefits' event period for another 28 days and are planning some post-update improvements. Our goal is to reduce the burden of growth for new players and to better facilitate a quicker transition toward endgame content. We are preparing these changes sequentially and will keep you updated on the progress.





[Upcoming Updates for May]

1. Difficulty Adjustment for Empyrean Agent Battle

- We are preparing to lower the HP of agents based on the current number of participants.

2. Revamp to Reduce Item Farming Burden

- We are preparing to increase the drop rate of weapons from Stormwing.

- We are preparing to lower the purchase cost of the Fine Stormwing's Box Design and the Fine Tahabata's Box Design.

- We are preparing to enable the acquisition of Tahabata weapon items in the Tempus Dungeon.

- We are preparing to allow players to obtain Elite Centurion's Armor Selection Boxes through quests in the Chandra Dredgion.


[Upcoming Updates for June]

1. Growth Path and Mission Revamp

- We are preparing a revamp for overall growth paths and missions to allow all players to progress faster.

2. Telos: Dragon Lord's Thrones Raid Difficulty Adjustment

We are continuously monitoring player raid progress and preparing adjustments based on identified areas of improvement.


Please note that the schedule and content may be subject to change according to the preparations for the update.