We’re increasing take-aways in game by doubling the Dungeon Delve drops and a store update with a returning favorite motion card! 

Dungeon Delve Double 

Event Duration: November 9 – December 7 

Double, double the drop rate for your trouble! Starting November 9th a number of dungeons will double your chance to get your hands on rare items! Gather your party and get ready to take on some of your favorite dungeons to collect maximum loot. This double drop rate also means that any items dungeon bosses carry could potentially drop twice in one dungeon! 

The following instances are part of the Dungeon Delve Double Event: 

Instance Name 

Double Drop Chance 

Nochsana Training Camp 

Heroic items 

Kromede's Trial 

Heroic items 

Fire Temple 

Heroic items or above 

Adma Stronghold 

Fabled items  (Lord Lannok) 

Draupnir Cave 

Fabled items 

Fabled items (Commander Bakarma) 

Theobomos Lab 

Fabled items (Unstable Triroan) 

Dark Poeta 

Event mobs spawn in the dungeon can be killed for additional score. (the rabbits) (Makes it easier to achieve S ranking to challenge Pyrelord Tahabata.) 

Fabled items or above 

Udas Temple 

Fabled Items 

Lower Udas Temple 

Fabled Items 

Beshmundir Temple 

Fabled Items 


Fabled Items 


Store Update 

Sale Duration: Nov. 9 - December 7
Claim this returning favorite motion card from the Quna store while you can and indulge in a fabulous little dance to celebrate all those loot drops you’ll collect during the Dungeon Delve Double! 

Item Name 


Sale End 

[Event] [Motion Card] Cute Dance