Are you ready for a challenge? One which involves overcoming not just difficulty, but also which will demand your perseverance? Then prepare yourself for the Daevanion Quests coming with 1.5: The Balaur Incursion!

The Requirements

To participate in the Daevanion Quests several prerequisites must be fulfilled. First, players must have reached max level and completed all the campaign quests. In addition, players must have completed all the level 30 Daevanion Quests and reached 449 crafting proficiency as a crafting master.

The Quests

Below you can find a list of each of the Daevanion Quests:


Quests Elyos Asmodian
1st Class Preceptor’s Consent Recognition of the Preceptors
2nd The Quest for Templars Work of the Fenris’s Fangs
3rd Shoulder the Burden Proving Ground
4th Well Rounded Proving Proficiency
5th Persistence and Luck Luck and Persistence
6th Loyalty Loyalty and Affableness

In the first quest, you will need to gain the consent of each of the class preceptors to move forward. Once accomplished you must display some basic proficiencies by meeting those who can only be found a specific time and place in your second quest.

If you accomplish these initial tasks, the true challenges will begin. In the third task, your combat powers will be tested, followed by a fourth test which challenges your crafting capabilities -requiring that you successfully craft a Hot Heart of Magic among other items.

Provided that you pass these tests – you will then be sent on a quest throughout Atreia to obtain Tears of Luck or Lights of Luck scattered throughout the land.

Should you prevail in all these individual challenges, your final challenge will require that you pair up alongside your fellow Daevas and prove your commitment by taking on arduous challenges in both PvE and PvP that will test your limits.

The Rewards

For Daevas who successfully complete all the Daevanion Quests, a special equipment set awaits which will rival or surpass nearly all equipment available prior to 1.5:

  • Elyos can acquire the Miragent equipment set
  • Asmodian can acquire the Fenris equipment set

The sets for both factions have identical stats, and Daevas who equip the entire armor sets will find a special bonus effect activated. Also, for those who complete all the Daevanion Quests a special title will be unlocked depending upon your faction:

Title Name Stats
Elyos - Miragent Holy Templar
Asmodian – Fenris's Fang
HP +80
Attack Speed +2%
Movement Speed +3%
Cast Time +2%

Look forward to 1.5: The Balaur Incursion and take on the Daevanion Quests starting tomorrow!