Game Type: Aion Classic 
Event Duration: January 16, 2023 – February 13, 2024 
Daeva Pass Price: 600 Quna 
Max Pass Level: 36 
Level Jump: 6 (If you unlocked premium from previous season)

Welcome to Daeva Pass Season 33! During this season, as always, you can claim free rewards through the regular pass. Upgrade to the Premium Pass to receive additional rewards for legion members and for an enhanced experience to gain access to exclusive Premium Rewards! Premium rewards include lockbox keys, enchantment stones, pets, cosmetics, supplements, and titles! Let’s go! 

When you unlock the Daeva Pass Premium, all legion members will receive additional rewards. These rewards will be sent via mail immediately upon unlocking, and the items in the mail will be available for 7 days. Upon opening the Gift, you have a chance to obtain one item according to a predetermined probability. You may receive a new motion card or a Legion Production Mark. 

Daeva Pass Premium Gift V Bundle Info 

Item Name 


[Motion Card] Submerged Rest 

Legion Regular Production Mark 

Legion Greater Production Mark 

Legion Major Production Mark 

Forgotten Lesser Memory Shard 

Forgotten Regular Memory Shard 

Power Shards Shard Selection Box 

[Event] Administrator's Boon 

[Event] Doguri Americano 

[Event] Tombstone of Revival 



Free Rewards 

Premium Rewards 

Premium Gift 

Daeva Pass Premium Gift Box V (For All Legion Members) 

Lockbox Keys 

[Event] Mysterious Lockbox Key (100) 

[Event] Brilliant Lockbox Key (50) 

Enchantment Stones 

[Event] Brilliant Enchantment Stone Box (9) [Event] Golden Enchantment Stone Box (4) 


[Event] Normal Random Dye Box 

Daeva Pass 3 Random Dye Box 
Randomly gives one of the following rewards: Dye: True Red, Dye: True White, or Dye: True Black 

Premium Dye Selection Box 


Shugo Lad Egg (30-day, 24 storage slots) 

[Event] Mini Acarun Egg 
(30-day, gives you a bundle of Balaur material when fed)  


[Motion Card] Hovering Set - 7-Day Pass 

[Motion Card] New Private Store  

Heartless Butler Outfit Set (Heartless Butler Hairpin + Heartless Butler Outfit) 


[Event] Lesser Supplements (Fabled) Box (200) [Event] Lesser Supplements (Eternal) Box (400) 


[Event] [Title Card] Protector of Atreia - 30 Day Pass 

[Title Card] Dashing Daeva – 30-day pass 
(+ 5% Movement Speed, +2 Attack Power, Magic Boost +10, and PVP Attack +2%) 

Premium Dye Selection Box 

The following items can be selected from the Premium Dye Selection Box: 

Premium Dye Selection Box 

Dye: Punky Pink 

Dye: Pastel Orange 

Dye: Sky Blue 

Dye: Indian Pink 

Dye: Pastel Green Tea 

Dye: Pastel Violet 

Dye: Romantic Pink 

Dye: Indian Green 

Dye: Light Cobalt 

Dye: Baby Yellow 

Dye: Indian Blue 

Dye: Gray Violet