Daeva Pass Season 2 

Season 2 of the new and improved Daeva Pass is here! As always, you’ll be able to choose between the regular or premium pass. See all the glorious details and rewards below! 

Daeva Pass Options: 

Here’s what rewards you can expect from Season 2: 


Free Rewards 

Premium Rewards 


Scooter (30 Days) Box 


Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate Memory Shard 

Oath Tablet Ultimate Memory Shard 
Ultimate Breath of Transformation 


Ultimate Engraved Manastone Selection Box 

[BCM] Upgraded Ultimate Manastone Selection Box 


[BCM] Gold Inquin Egg (30 Days) 

Empyrean Lord's 
Holy Water 

Empyrean Lord's Holy Water 


[Title] Daeva Conqueror (30 Days) 

Newly Added: Daeva Pass Season 2 Jewel Box 

The following items can be obtained from the Daeva Pass Season 2 Jewel Box: 




Daeva Pass Season 2 Jewel Box  

Daeva Pass Season 2 Attack Jewel 

Daeva Pass Season 2 Defense Jewel 


Collection name 

Collection Register Item 

Collection Effect 

Daeva Pass Season 2 Attack Increase 

Daeva Pass Season 2 Attack Jewel 

Physical Attack +100, Magic Attack +100 

Daeva Pass Season 2 Defense Increase 

Daeva Pass Season 2 Defense Jewel 

Physical Defense +100, Magic Defense +100 

As always, if you upgrade from a free to a premium pass, you will obtain both sets of rewards. We hope you enjoy these additional changes to this season’s Daeva Pass! For any additional feedback, please chart your course to the official Aion forums and leave your suggestions. 

Thank you!