Promotion Duration: June 22 — July 20

As the temperatures begin to rise, so does the summer fun—Prepare yourself for the blazing heat with this month’s Daeva Pass! Be the hot news walking down the board in this trend-setting Beach Stunner gear, and then cool off with a meditative pose as the sounds of the ocean lull you into serenity. You might be the hero of Atreia, but no one said you couldn’t get away for some vacay time!

Daeva Pass Options:

Here’s what rewards you can expect from Season 13:


Free Rewards

Premium Rewards


[Event] Normal Random Dye Box

Daeva Pass 3 Random Dye Box

Randomly gives one of the following rewards: Dye: True Red, Dye: True White, or Dye: True Black


Premium Dye Selection Box



Shugo Lad's Egg (30 Days, 24 storage slots)


[Event] Mini Acarun Egg (30 Days)


[Motion Card] Hovering Set - 7-Day Pass

[Event][Motion Card] Meditate


Beach Stunner Dress


Beach Stunner Headwear



[Event] Lesser Supplements (Fabled) Box (x140)


[Event] Lesser Supplements (Eternal) Box (x240)


[Event][Title Card] Protector of Atreia - 30 Day Pass

[Title Card] Dashing Daeva – 30-day pass

+ 5% Movement Speed, +2 Attack Power, Magic Boost +10, and PVP Attack +2%

The following items can be selected from the Premium Dye Selection Box:

Premium Dye Selection Box

*New* Dye: Punky Pink

Dye: Pastel Orange

Dye: Sky Blue

Dye: Indian Pink

Dye: Pastel Green Tea

Dye: Pastel Violet

Dye: Romantic Pink

Dye: Indian Green

Dye: Light Cobalt

Dye: Baby Yellow

Dye: Indian Blue

Dye: Gray Violet

As always, if you upgrade from a free to a premium pass, you will also obtain both sets of rewards. We hope you enjoy these additional changes to this season’s Daeva Pass! For any additional feedback, please swim over to the official Aion: Classic forums and leave your suggestions.

Thank you!