Server Type: Aion Retail
Event Duration:
November 14 – November 28
Item/NPC Removal Date: December 5

The Autumn Rice Cake Event is here! You must obtain all the Rice Cake ingredients through quests in order to make a Rice Cake! You can upgrade your Rice Cake and purchase a Rice Cake Basket to obtain other high-value items including the Regent Garb costume!

Sanctum Pandemonium

How to Participate 

1. [Event] Honey - Daily Event Quest

-Acquire daily quests through NPCs and participate in PVP activities every day
-Event materials can be obtained by completing the elimination of the opposing race on a daily basis.

  • [Event/Daily] Thump Thump's Request - Kill 10 enemy races per day: 5 x [Event] Honey

2. [Event] Rice Flour - Apsaranta Dispatch Quest

-Achieve mission-specific quests for each corps when completing daily operational field quests.
-Event materials can be obtained by completing dispatch quests for each corps.

  • 1st Completion:  2 x [Event] Rice Flour
  • 2nd Completion: 2 x [Event] Rice Flour

3. [Event] Pine Needles - Instance Dungeon
-When you clear following instanced dungeons, you can obtain [Event] Pine Needles in addition to the instance dungeon reward.

  • Heart of Apsaranta (Normal) & Altar of Ascension (Normal): 10 x [Event] Pine Needles
  • Primeth's Forge (Hard) & Infernal Drakenspire Depths (Hard): 3 x [Event] Pine Needles


Assembling Ingredients

Create [Event] Honey Songpyeon by assembling Honey Songpyeon ingredients stored in your inventory.

[Event] Honey Songpyeon assembly:
5 x [Event] Honey + 1 x [Event] Rice Flour + 2 x [Event] Pine Needles

Material Result
[Event] Honey (5)
+ [Event] Rice Flour (1)
+ [Event] Pine Needles (2)

[Event] Honey Songpyeon

[Event] Overcooked
Honey Songpyeon

You can use [Event] Overcooked Honey Songpyeon on a target and inflict damage.


Merchant Listing

NPC Sweetsong

Item Qty [Event] Honey Songpyeon Weekly Limit
[BCM] Prime Runestone Shard Box (Contains 100) 1 4 1
[Event] Regent Garb 1 3 1
[Event] Regent Hairpin 1 3 1
[Event] Versatile Dye 1 1 3
Empyrean Lord's Holy Water 1 1 3
[Event] Full Moon Feather Selection Box 1 1 3


Upgrading [Event] Honey Songpyeon using Kinah

NPC Bluenight

-Obtain the ‘[Event] Ornate Songpyeon Basket’ when assembling the completed [Event] Honey Songpyeon and the ‘[Event] Full Moon Energy' sold by NPC Bluenight

Materials Result
[Event] Honey Songpyeon + [Event] Full Moon Energy

[Event] Ornate
Songpyeon Basket

[Event] Ornate Songpyeon Basket

You can obtain one of the following items from [Event] Ornate Songpyeon Basket randomly.

Item name Count
[Event] Ultimate PVE Enhancement Stone (7 days) 1
[Event] Legendary PVE Enhancement Stone (7 days) 1
[Event] Essence of the Craftsman Bundle 1
[Event] [Performance Art Card] Comic Bowing 1
[Event] Oath Tablet (7 days) 1
[Event] Stigma Enhancement Stone 3
[Event] Arch Kerubiel Minion Contract 3


Item/NPC Removal 

The following items will be removed during maintenance on December 5. 

NPC Sweetsong
NPC Bluenight
[Event] Colorful Songpyeon Basket
[Event] Honey
[Event] Rice Flour
[Event] Pine Needles
[Event] Honey Songpyeon
[Event] Full Moon Energy
[Event] Overcooked Honey Songpyeon