Auto-Hunting is a feature in which characters automatically hunt according to their preset skills. After moving your character to the area where you want to hunt, press the 'Auto-Hunt' button to activate the feature and pressing it again will end the hunting session.

Auto-Hunting Basic Functions

You can access the system through the Auto-Hunt icon located at the top of the minimap. The default shortcut to the Auto-Hunting menu is set to Shift+A, and you can change the shortcut to your personal preference in the Key Settings menu. On the Auto-Hunt Ui, you can check the following contents through the 'Start, Settings, and Statistics' buttons respectively.




Use it to start or stop auto-hunting.


You can set the skills, items, minion functions, etc. required for auto-hunt.


You can check the information such as items acquired through Auto-Hunt session, experience gained, etc.

Tip! In Preferences>Game Settings> Interface, you can choose to show/hide the auto-hunting Ui by selecting 'Show Battle-Assisted Control UI'.

Auto-Hunt Setup

Before using the Auto-Hunt feature, make sure you set the settings you need for a smooth hunt. The Auto-Hunt settings allow you to set up skills, recovery items, and more.

Skill Settings

For skill settings, a total of five skills can be registered, and the skills are used by the characters in the order in which they are registered. There are no skills that cannot be registered separately, and skills such as Combo Charging, etc. are applied as follows: At this point, if all registered skills are on Cooldown, the basic attack is used.




Use all the associated skills.


Use after charging up to the maximum cumulative step.


Use the skill after moving within range.

Buff Skills

Use buff-type skills.

Recovery Settings

For recovery settings, you can register a potion to be used automatically when your character's HP and MP is below a certain number during the hunt. You can adjust the HP/MP level to your desired level right from the slide, and only consumable items such as potions and serums can be registered. It has been further updated to allow you to set up healing potions to treat more than just the condition.

Other Settings

In Other settings, you can choose the options you need for hunting. You can check 'Quest Monsters First' to prioritize quest targets. You can even set it to automatically sell junk items so you don’t run out of inventory space while hunting.



Quest Monsters First

Hunt monsters for quest targets first, so you can complete quests quickly.

Enable automatic Remove Shock

When a character is in a state of shock, stun, etc., it will automatically use the Remove Shock skill.

Auto Sell Junk

If your inventory is full, sell junk items to free up space in your inventory.

Automatic use of the Experience Extractor

If your experience points reach 90% of your character's highest level, you will automatically consume an 'Experience Extractor' to gain 'Experience Marks'.

Auto adjust camera perspective

The camera perspective is automatically adjusted according to the hunting angle.


Auto-Hunting Requirements

To help with hunting in different zones, the Auto-Hunt feature is available for all levels and in all areas except areas where flight is required. Auto-hunting cannot be performed while flying. When you click on the Auto-Hunt feature during flight, a message is printed stating that it is 'not available'. It is only available during solo play, and group and alliance invitations are automatically rejected while Auto-Hunting.

Auto-Hunt Functions

If you click the Run button one more time, the hunt will stop and a stats window will automatically pop up, such as items and experience points earned during your hunting session. However, if a character dies or returns while Auto-Hunting, Auto-Hunt will automatically end. While Auto-hunting, you will target nearby enemies within 80 meters of you and automatically hunt them. However, it excludes monsters that have been attacked by other characters first.

Skill Recommendations for New/Returning Daevas

Skills Recommendations for New/Returning Devas If you're wondering what skills to put in the Auto-Hunt window, check out the list by profession below! Once you're familiar with the skills, we encourage you to create your own skill configuration with the skills you want.


Skill 1

Skill 2

Skill 3

Skill 4

Skill 5

Buff Skill 1

Buff Skill 2


Counter Leech

Piercing Rupture

Sharp Strike

Absorbing Fury

Body Smash

Furious Charge

Second Wind


Dazing Severe Blow

Invigorating Strike


Ferocious Strike

Body Smash

Divine Fury

Empyrean Fury


Flash Ambush


Vampiric Slash

Fang Strike

Swift Edge


Apply Lethal Venom


Soul-Busting Arrow

Arrow Deluge

Stunning Shot

Swift Shot



Focused Shots


Stone Skin

Spear of Gust

Refracting Shard

Freezing Wind

Flame Harpoon

Vaizel's Wisdom

Magic Assist


Magic Implosion


Soul Torrent

Weaken Spirit

Vacuum Choke

Stone Skin

Spirit's Empowerment


Call Lightning

Power Smash

Chain of Suffering

Slashing Wind

Punishing Earth




Stamina Restoration

Inescapable Judgment

Chained Crush

Hallowed Strike

Meteor Strike

Empyrean Shield

Blessing of Wind


Anti-Enemy Fire

Hemorrhage Shot

Steady Fire


Precision Shot

Pressurized Chamber

Materialize Magic


Siphoning Slash

Sundering Blade

Cinder Cannon

Rocket Punch


Aetherized Steel

Nullification Trigger


Fiery Descant

Bright Strike

Song of Ice

Soothing Melody


Refreshing Melody

Protective Ode


Painted Fist

Colorful Jab

Chroma Blessing

Chroma Shot

Hue Blast

Enhance Coloring

Rainbow Shower