Apsaranta World Raids 

  1. Added World Raids to Apsaranta.
    • Occurs 12 hours after Ardath has been defeated. 
    • World Raids only occur in operation sites occupied by the Elyos/Asmodians. 

Raid Info 


Around the former Apsaranta Operation Sites 

 Progress Time 

More than 15 minutes 

Raid End Time 

If a successful defense for 15 minutes or a Reian NPC dies 

When the Apsaranta World Raid begins, you will be guided through a system message. Later, the Apsu Legion Sky Assailants appear simultaneously around each of the operating sites. 

Apsu Legion Piercing Aircraft Emerges 



When the Sky Assailant appears, a Reian NPC will also appear and attempt to take down its protective shield. At this time, the Apsu Legion, summoned from the Sky Assailant, along with the surrounding sub-legions, attack the Reian NPCs to prevent this from happening. If a Reian NPC is killed by the Apsu Legion, the World Raid will end in failure, so you will have to work hard to protect the Reians!

2. Changed the Apsaranta Elyos and Asmodians legions. 

  • The Elyos and Asmodians legions and agents in Apsaranta have been replaced. 








Immortal Shield 







Demolition Sword 



Catastrophic Arrow 

  • Added new Legion quests. 
  • Changed the legion of dispatch quests. 
  • Changed the migration conditions of the previous Legion Reputation Shifter to a replaced Legion Reputation. 
  • Existing 'Immortal Shield/Sword of Doom' Legion quests will no longer be available after regular checks. 
  1. Changed the spawn probability of the Black Market Trader NPC in the Apsaranta field.
  2. Intermittently, World Raids have made up for the abnormal progression of the world.
  1. Added a Treasure Hunt Breakout Event.
  • Depending on the probability, the 'Special Teleporter' and the 'Apsu Ruins Treasure Chest' will appear in the indicated locations.

  • The 'Special Teleporter' and the 'Apsu Ruins Treasure Chest' will despawn 15 minutes after their initial spawn.  


  • The despawned 'Special Teleporter' and the 'Apsu Ruins Treasure Chest' will reappear between 14 and 20 hours.  
  • When you first open the Apsu Ruins Treasure Chest, you will receive a special buff. 
  • While a Special Teleporter is present, you can get the treasure through the Open ‘Apsu Ruins Treasure Chest' when you move to the final point. 


Hero System 


  1. We've added a  'Hero System' where you can choose 1 of 12 heroes to battle with in an arena.

Player Count 

Entry Level 

Entry time 

Up to 8 people 

1Lv ~ 

Daily 00:00-01:00, 12-13:00, 19:00-20:00 

  • The Hero System is applied to the  'Arena of Chaos'. 
  • Hotkeys and quick bar settings arbitrarily set by each hero in the 'Arena of Chaos' are stored and available as separate files. 
  • For more information, please refer to the guide.
  1. deleted the battlefields and arenas below.
  • Kamar Battlefield 
  • Idgel Dome 
  • Illumiel Brawl 
  • Arena of Chaos 
  • Evergale Canyon 
  • Genesis Arena 
  • Arena of Tenacity (3v3) 
  • Arena of Harmony 

  1. An 'Arena of Harmony’ with a hero system applied is added.

Player Count 

Entry Level 

Maximum of 9 people (3 teams) 

1Lv ~ 

  • For more information, please refer to the guide.
  1. We've changed the days and times of the week when you can participate in the Arena of Chaos. - The days and times of the week in which you can participate in the Arena of Chaos, and the Arena of Harmony, are as follows: 
















Chaos/ Harmony 


12-13:00, 19:00-20:00, 24:00-1:00 

Altar of Ascension 

  1. The Altar of Ascension (Normal) Boss Kill will feature an additional 'Sealed Treasure Chest'.
  • 6 people must click together to open the 'Sealed Treasure Chest' and earn rewards.  
  • All party members can earn items such as the 'Ultimate Burning Altar Accessory Reward Box' or 'Ultimate Burning Altar Plume Reward Box' and 'Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate Crystals'.

Instance Dungeons 

  1. Killing named monsters in Hard difficulty instances now grants a 100% chance of dropping the 'Piece of Light Equipment Box'
  2. Increased weekly quest experience reward of Normal difficulty instances
  3. Lowered HP and damage of named monsters in Hard difficulty instances
  4. We changed the number of entries to the Herelym Mine, Qubrinerk’s Monster Cubic Lab, and the Minium Vault to 1 weekly entry.
  5. We have changed the number of weekly entries to the Altar of Gales (Easy) and the Stellin Laboratory (Easy) to 2.
  6. Changed the number of weekly entries for the Crucible Spire (Lower Level) to 2.
  7. Reduced the waiting time of Benirunerk's Estate (Easy/Normal).
  8. Lowered the number of Mortasha Pursuit Stances at the Altar of Ascension (Easy/Normal).
  9. After entering the Arena of Discipline and exiting before the start of the round, we have changed it so that the same penalty as the entry waiver applies
  10. Modified the Shugo games so they are not displayed in the instance list.


  1. Changed some daily Legion quests to elite legion quests,  and increased the rewards.
  2. Added a new Elite Legion quest.
  3. Deleted the quests in the battlefields and arenas below.
    • Idgel Dome 
    • Illumiel Brawl 
    • Chaotic Vale 
    • Evergale Canyon 
    • Genesis Arena 
    • Arena of Tenacity (3v3) 
    • Ashunatal Dredgion 
  1. Deleted the Windstream quest.
    • Due to the deletion of the Windstream Quest, the monsters related to the quest have been removed. 
  1. Deleted the Inanna episode of Chaotic Vale and changed the prerequisite quest information for the episodes that occur afterwards.
  2. Deleted quests associated with the deleted battlefields.
  • Arena of Discipline /Harmony 
  • Ashunatal Dredgion 


  1. We have changed the 'Group Items, Transformation Collection Flag' to allow registration at the trade broker. 
  2. When playing in the Arena of Chaos, you can earn the 'Hero's Silver’ item according to the number as follows:  
    • The Elyos and Asmodians can exchange them to items they need from the 'Battlefield Information Officer' at the Inggison and Gelkmaros respectively, and exchange to Abyss Points from Lugbug. 

1st place 

2nd Place 

3rd place 

4th Place 

5th place 

6th place 

7th place 




3 x 

3 x 

3 x 

3 x 

    • Existing 'Battlefield Coins' can no longer be acquired. 
    • Existing ' Battlefield Coins' can be exchanged for 'Hero's Silver' through NPCs located in the main Cities in Inggison and Gelkmaros. 

3. Added content to the item guide. 

    • Registered the Illusion Equipment item in the guide. 
    • Added the Heart of Apsaranta (Normal) to the Ultimate Two-Handed Equipment Acquisition Location. 

4. Ancient Refining/Sanctity items can be stored in stacks of up to 1000 now. 

5. Fixed an issue where the Snowmobile windshield was not normally seen in the mount cube preview. 

6. We've changed the items you can get by assembling 'Ultimate Memory Shards' and 'Ultimate Breath of Transformation'. (The 'Empyrean Lord's Transformation Contract (2 types)' that you have in your possession during regular inspections will be changed to 'Empyrean Lord's Ultimate Transformation Box'.)  



Empyrean Lord's Transformation Contract 

Empyrean Lord's Ultimate Transformation Box 


  1. Added new Aetherforging recipes.
  • Added the Ultimate Bitterthorn Equipment Box, Bitter Equipment Box, the Bitter Wings Box recipes.  
  • The Ultimate Bitterthorn Equipment Box, Bitter Equipment Box, the Bitter Wings Box can be crafted with Experience Marks and Ultimate Crystals.  
  • Added the Ultimate Aether Box, the Legendary Aether Box, and the Ancient Aether Box Crafting Formula.  
  • An Aether Box (Ultimate, Legendary, Ancient) can be made by combining 100 crystals. 

In the Aether Box (Ultimate, Legendary, Ancient), you can earn the following items: 

Aether box 


Ancient Aether box 

Ancient Esoterrace Equipment Box 

Ancient Esoterrace Accessory Box 

Ancient Esoterrace Soldier Plume Box 

Legendary Aether Box 

Legendary Sovereign's Equipment Box 

Legendary Sovereign's Accessory box 

Legendary Sovereign's feather box 

Ultimate Aether Box 

Ultimate Bitterthorn Equipment Box 

Bitter Equipment Box 

Bitter Wings Box 

Ultimate Sovereign's Equipment Box 

Ultimate Sovereign's Accessory Box 

Ultimate Sovereign's Plume Box 

Ultimate Dark Talon Equipment Box 

Ultimate Dark Talon Accessory Box 

Ultimate Dark Talon Plume Box 

Ultimate Burning Altar Accessory Box 

Ultimate Burning Altar Plume Box 

Ultimate Bursting Altar Accessory Box 

Ultimate Bursting Altar Plume Box 


  1. If you checked the appearance of the wings after setting the battle mode in the preview, we fixed that the weapon was not released in the battle motion and the weapon was output awkwardly. 
  2. Fixed an issue where the preview would sometimes show two-handed weapons as if they were worn as one-handed.
  3. Added a wardrobe button to the bottom inventory of the character info window.

Fortress Siege 

  1. Fixed an issue where some objects would appear abnormally during the battle at Pradeth Fortress.
  2. Adjusted the stats of the objects that appear in the Reshanta’s Eye Fortress Battle, Inggison, and Gelkmaros.

Matchmaking System 

  1. Reorganized the matching system.
    • Changed the integrated recruitment function to be available in the current location, rather than moving to the entrance to the instance dungeon. 
    • You can also apply for instance dungeon, battlefield matching on the integrated server. 

※ For example, in Apsaranta, you can recruit, apply for, and enter the Primeth’s Forge (Normal) through the integrated recruitment text. 

※ However, the arena of solitude can only be applied for inside the Crucible Square. 

    • Only one instance dungeon or PvP battlefield can be applied for at one time. 
    • Matching applications are not possible inside instance dungeons, battlefields, Crucible Square, or Home.  
    • After applying for a match, it is impossible to move inside the instance dungeon, battlefield, Crucible Square, or Home.  
  1. We've revamped the way you enter the instance dungeon.
    • Added an instance zone button to the main screen when on the battleground server. 


    • Integrated party matching allows you to enter the instance dungeon. (except for some instance dungeons) 

Excluded from 

 Infernal Drakenspire Depths (Hard) Heart of Apsaranta (Easy, Normal)  
The Red Cellar 
Primeth’s Forge (Hard) 

    • Find Group (Shortcut: SHIFT+V) → you can register in the [Instance Groups] tab. 


  • Solo instance dungeons are instantly accessible through the instance UI. (except for certain instance dungeons) 


Herelym Mine, Unstable Danuar Mysticarium, Hall of Fame, Qubrinerk’s Monster Cubic Lab 


  1. Deleted Lakrum mission 
  2. Deleted the Lugbug mission below.
    • The mission was deleted due to a change in the number of entries to the Herelym mine. 



Mission Name 

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 

76 levels or higher 

[Lakrum]  Where is the Lym Ore 

 3 Battlefield-related Lugbug missions have been added. 



Mission Name 

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 

Levels 1 to 75 

[Common]  How to be a Hero 

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 

76 levels or higher 

[Common]  How to be a Hero 

  1. Changed the mission of Apsaranta and some instance dungeons.
  2. Added missions that can be performed in the Inggison/Gelkmaros area. 

Inggison / Gelkmaros 

1. Improved an issue where characters sometimes got stuck in the path while using a windstream. 


  1. Added 'Battlefield Information Officer NPCs to the Inggison Welcome Fortress and Gelkmaros Fortress.
  2. Added 'Heavenly Weapon Quest' NPCs to the Inggison Illusion Fortress and Gelkmaros Fortress.
    3. Modified the location of NPC Reira located in Pandaemonium Plaza.


  1. Fixed an issue with the atmospheric motions when using Guardian Signal Flare, Suspicious Guardian Signal Flare, Archon Signal Flare, and Suspicious Archon Signal Flare items. 
  2. Improved the 'Hipster Haideron' appearance
  3. Improved the look of the 'Trendy mafia costume'.


  1. Fixed an issue where the saved UI placements such as chat window and quickbar were not maintained. 
  2. Fixed the Enchant Attempts button in the Stigma Enchant window being activated abnormally.
  3. Fixed an issue where the Stigma upgrade UI was showing maximum upgrade level abnormally. 
  4. Fixed an issue where the item selection button is not activated when clicking the stigma reinforced material item slot.
  5. Fixed an issue where closing the character information window with a shortcut would prevent stigma items from being used while the player is equipping a stigma.
  6. Fixed an issue where the character detail window would not display the players equipment properly.
  7. Changed the sort order of the instance dungeon list within the instance window to the rule order below.

Output Priority 

Output Items 


Event Instance Dungeon 


Solo Entry Instance Dungeon  

Group/Alliance Entry Instance Dungeon 

Legion Instance Dungeon  

Growth Instance Dungeon 


Solo Battlefield  

Group Type Battlefield  

Alliance Battlefield 


Instance dungeons and battlefields that do not satisfy the Instance entry level 
or where all the entries are used 


  1. Changed the rules for the automatic use of goods.
    • Changed all transformation items registered in 'Automatic Use of Items - Magic Items' to not be used if a character has a transformation buff. 


  1. When resurrected with a revival stone in the Apsaranta region, players cannot be attacked for a certain period of time.
  2. Fixed an issue with entering a specific location in the 'Phanoe Gate' in the Inggison area.
  3. Modified some terrain around  the 'Angrief Wastes '  in the Inggison area and kisks can no longer be placed there.
  4. Fixed an issue with abnormal windstreams around 'Taloc's Hill ' in the Inggison area.


  1. Modified some combat patterns for the heart of Apsaranta’s “Namtar”.
  2. Modified the Saving Hand skill so it can only be cast on self.