Game Type: Aion Classic

Aion's UI has been updated.

You can intuitively select the menu you want and change the screen configuration to suit your play style.

<!> In the case that you connect for the first time after the June 11th update, you must manually adjust each title of existing equipment sets. The applied titles will be displayed when changing equipment sets thereafter.

Menu Screen


Edit HUD

In the updated UI, you can change the default screen configuration to suit your preferences.

  • Click Quick Menu > Edit HUD


  • Change the UI to your desired configuration

(1) Load Aion default style

(2) Move the UI in the blue areas to your desired location

(3) Save to preset

(4) If you want to change the size of the UI, adjust the size before saving the preset

<!> When using a skill in HUD edit mode, you can check the skill gauge, as well as move the skill gauge selection.

<!> Some UI will be improved in the future to allow various size selections. (i.e. radar map)


Previous UI

Current UI

New Additions 

Due to UI changes, the settings and viewing methods of some information have changed.

Setting Titles

(1) Different titles can now be applied to each equipment set.

  • Changes can be made through [Profile] > [Gear Options] > [Set Title].


(2) Titles currently in use can be changed.

  • Changes can be made through [Menu] > [Title].


Flight Information

You can check flight time via changes in the blue gauge outlining the radar circle.


Bookmark Function 

Frequently used menus can be registered to Bookmarks. This will add an icon to the bottom right.

This is a very useful feature allowing you to use the desired menu with one click.

Menu Bookmarks Settings

Shortcut Icon on Bottom Right


Abnormal Screen Display 

Aion's full screen is affected by the monitor resolution of the PC used for gameplay.

By default, 100% resolution is recommended. If the screen appears broken or abnormal, please try adjusting the magnification of your PC’s display settings to 100%.