Game Type: Aion Classic
Event Duration: February 06 - February 20 

Ready! Set! Instance!   

Greetings Daevas! We have prepared special boosts and buffs to help you challenge high level instances! So, prepare your weapons and embark on your next instance adventure!  

Event #1: Free Instance Bonus Entry Scrolls on the weekend! 

Every Saturday and Sunday during the event, you can receive an Instance Bonus Entry Scroll through the survey.

Level: 50-58

Limit: 1 per character


Scroll Qty 

Feb 10 


Feb 11 


Feb 17 


Feb 18 


You can select one Bonus Entry Scrolls from the following list for each survey.

Instance List 

Beshmundir Temple 

Padmarashka's Cave 

Phaistos' Disk 

Dragon Lord's Throne: Telos 


Telos of the Forgotten 

Event #2: PVE Buff Support! 

Why not try a higher-level Instance? Join forces with party members and take on difficult instances with the support of special buffs. Get out there and challenge yourself Daevas 

Instance & Buff NPC Locations

Phaistos' Disk 

Dragon Lord's Throne: Telos 


Event #3: Instance 100% Drop Boost Event Extended!

Period: Extended to February 20

■ 100% Eternal Item Drop when Defeating a Boss Monster
With this event you are guaranteed to receive one of the items from the following tables below when you defeat boss monsters inside these instances. It's time to go hunting for big rewards!

■ Target Instances 



Beshmundir Temple (Hard) 

Stormwing/All Bosses 

Padmarashka's Cave 


Dragon Lord's Throne: Telos