Game Type: Aion Classic
Event Duration: February 6 - February 20

Special Support for Daevas in Three New Events!

Event #1: Empyrean Agent Battle Bonus Reward 

Calling all Daevas engaged in the Empyrean Agent Battle! Brace yourselves, as we present additional rewards for every Daeva who actively participates in this epic clash. Join forces in the Empyrean Agent Battle! 

During the event period, your participation will now be rewarded with an additional reward [Event] Agent Battle Participation Reward Bundle. Anticipate the thrill of victory and reap the benefits that await you!

[Event] Agent Battle Participation Reward Bundle will be included in the Agent Battle Grade 1-5 Participation and Success Reward Box which will be sent via your mailbox. 

Agent Battle Grade 1-5 Participation Reward Box 
Agent Battle Grade 1-5 Participation Success Reward Box

■ [Event] Agent Battle Participation Reward Bundle  




Forgotten Skill Book Page 



Enraged Veille/Mastarius Weapon 


Enraged Veille/Mastarius Armor 


Enraged Debilkarim/Lakhara Accessories 


Major Ancient Crown


[Event] Doguri Americano 


Event #2:
Storybook Bonus Event 

Time to complete the storybook! Get a piece of a masterpiece painting for each log-in time and get the items you need!



1 hour 

[Event] Brohum Painting Shard 1-9 Random Bundle 

2 hours 

[Event] Brohum Painting Shard 10-38 Random Bundle 

3 hours 

[Event] Brohum Painting Shard Selection Box 

Event #3: NPC Vindachinerk in Sanctum and Pandaemonium! 

A chance to expand the cube! During the event period, Vindachinerk will be spending his time in Sanctum and Pandaemonium so you don’t have to look for him to complete the quest! Expand your cube conveniently by finding the NPC Vindachinerk in big cities! 

NPC Vindachinerk 



Sanctum / Pandaemonium