Hello, Daeva Family!

This is the Aion Classic Development Team. We are saying hello all the way from Korea, and it is an honor to be able to speak directly to you through this Developer’s Note.

When we launched Aion Classic in Korea last November, we were excited to see interest in the West. After seeing the discussion across video streaming sites and social media, we soon began working towards preparing for this launch.

It took quite some time, but we are happy to announce that we are finally ready to officially present Aion Classic to you! Today, we would like to explain the Aion Classic service and its objectives. We would love to answer questions you may be curious about and explain the differences between the Western and Korean services. For more information, please visit the newly launched Aion Classic website.

What is Aion Classic?

Aion Classic is a server which has restored the contents of the original Aion service that began in 2009 so that they could be enjoyed again. It operates on a separate server from the currently Live server and will be provided as an official, ongoing service rather than an event.

What is the service version?

The content of the Aion Classic we are introducing is based on the original 1.0 update. This server features PvE content up to level 50 as well as Rift and Fortress Battles for PvP.

However, there are many players who experienced difficulties in the original Aion due to the high EXP required to advance. These issues have been corrected in Classic and adjustments have been made so that the highest level can be reached in a shorter amount of time.

The contents are 1.0, but the implemented client system is version 2.7 so you can expect to see a more balanced and optimized version. For example, Remove Shock Skills and the Two-Handed Weapon Integration System that allow Altered State escape have been applied.

How is it different from the version being serviced in Korea?

The basis of the Aion Classic Global Service is that the service being provided is identical to the original version. The West version will maintain the same Aion Classic contents / BM items / service format being provided in Korea as closely as possible. The contents and version are being prepared in the same manner as Korea.

Korea is currently servicing the updated 1.7 version. Likewise, West will begin with 1.0 then provide the 1.5 update / 1.7 update based on how quickly players progress through the content, among other factors.

Are the items being sold the same as Korea?

The Aion Classic item components will also be prepared as they were for Korea. BMs that affect combat balancing will not be sold, so a fair PvP environment can be enjoyed. Korea is currently only selling decoration items, Form Candy, Pets, and other change tickets, and the West will sell the same.

Is purchasing Siel’s Aura necessary?

It is possible to play Aion Classic without possessing Siel’s Aura. In fact, all free accounts will have Siel’s Aura for one hour each day to accommodate more casual players. However, after the first hour, Siel’s Aura will be removed. Experience, Kinah, and item acquisition are reduced after the first hour of play passes each day. If you purchase Siel’s Aura, you can play without any of these restrictions. Siel’s Aura will be offered in the following 30-day, and 90-day units to reflect subscriptions with the original Aion:

  • 30 days = $15
  • 90 days = $42

We are also offering special pre-order packages that includes a specially crafted items for the West in preparation, so please be on the lookout.

When will access be possible?

The Western Aion Classic Official Service will begin on June 23, 2021.

In closure, we would like to say that while we may be far away, we look forward to being a Development team that constantly listens to and communicates with the voices of our audience.

Please look forward to reliving the glory of the past.