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Update Arrival: October 19, 2022

Hail the new Empyrean Lords of Life and Wisdom, with the 8.4 Preview for what’s right around the corner. New relics, a new season of Kerub’s Quick Guide and the return of the Jumping Daeva Event! Below you’ll find just a few of the updates coming your way in two weeks. Satiate your curiosity with the available details and prepare yourself for October 19th when the Aion Apsaranta: Glory update drops.

* Seasonal Item Deletion Notice

Please note that the following items will be deleted at the end of the season on October 19

  • Empyrean Lords Holy Water


Official 8.4 Preview

UPDATE 1: New Empyrean Lords

New Empyrean Lords have arrived to explore Apsaranta

Guardian Legion Garrison and Archon Legion Fortress appearance will be changed.

UPDATE 2: Empyrean Lord’s Relic

You can activate and level up the new Empyrean Lord’s relic

  • Empyrean Lord’s Sacred Relic Level Rewards •

UPDATE 3: Apsaranta Legion Replacement

Apsaranta legions will be replaced to the new legions

  • Battle of Agents •

Join the battle between the agents at Border Bridge!

  • Battle of Agents Winning Rewards •

UPDATE 4: Kerub’s Quick Guide Season 3

A new Kerub’s Quick Guide season will begin.
Complete your missions and claim your rewards to help you grow faster!

  • There are different missions available for each difficulty.
  • In Quick Growth I, you can unlock the next mission by completing the prerequisite mission. All the Quick Growth II, III, IV missions are already unlocked.
  • You can earn points per mission completed and receive an additional final reward when you’ve accumulated enough points.
  • Mission Completion Rewards •

Daeva Pass

Lugbug Missions will be replaced by the Daeva Pass. Complete various missions and claim rewards based on your Daeva Pass level! In Aion, Daeva Pass premium will be purchased with Luna.

  • How to use •

You can access Daeva Pass by clicking [Menu] or Daeva Pass Icon.

  • There are daily, weekly, and seasonal missions.
  • Each mission has a different reset time, and you can obtain EXP needed for level up when completed.
  • You can check current Daeva Pass level and obtained Daeva Pass EXP so far. You can claim a reward based on your Deava Pass level.
  • You can check detailed information about the mission.


EVENT 1: Jumping Daeva!

Boost your character to Lv80 instantly!

Event Dates: October 19, 2022 – November 2, 2022


  1. Players will be able to access the Character Jump system. This can be accessed by a special button at the character select screen, which takes the player to a special creation process for a new Level 80 character.
  2. Jumped characters spawn with a set of equipment and useful items in their inventory to help them get started.
  3. Each account will be able to create one jumped character during the event period, so long as they have at least one level 10+ character on their account. When the event ends, the character will remain, but the Character Jump creation menu will be inaccessible.
  4. Accounts only get one character jump. They cannot retrieve it by deleting the character.


Character Jump System

Players will be able to access the Character Jump system. This can be accessed by a special button at the character select screen, which takes the player to a special creation process for Level 80 characters.

Jumped Character Details

Depending on the faction you chose, jumped characters spawn in either Inggison or Gelkmaros at Level 80 with the following items:




[Event] +5 Ultimate Risiel Armor Box


Contains 6 armor selection boxes, a full set!

[Event] +5 Ultimate Risiel Weapon Selection Box



[Event] Administrator's Special Treatment – Single-use Ticket


Prevents XP loss on death and provides reduced travel cost for 1 hour.

[Event] General Return Scroll



Kinah and stigmas (auto equipped)


Contains a full set of stigmas [guide]+9 for your class and 100,000 Kinah

[Event] Ultimate Risiel Accessory Selection Box


Contains 6 accessory selection boxes.

[Event] Ultimate Risiel Feather Accessory Box


Contains 3 feather accessory selection boxes.

Socket Stone



Transformation Scroll



Blessed Recovery Potion



Below is an example of the inventory, skills, and stigmas of a Vandal class character that has utilized the Jumping Daeva System!

Jumping System Restrictions

  • Only ONE character jump is provided per account. Additional character jumps cannot be granted under any circumstances, so please research your desired class carefully.
  • Deleting the jumped character will NOT restore the character jump.
  • Not sure where to start? You can also ask other players on the forums for suggestions or ideas!