Event Duration: November 14 - December 12
Daeva Pass Price: 2240 Luna
Max Pass Level: 45

Daeva Pass Season 15 has arrived! Free rewards include Memory Shards and Ultimate Engraved Manastone Selection Boxes, while Premium Awards award you the new Hipset Haideron Set, which will definitely set you apart from the crowd. Grab this costume now and find the nearest local brewery or coffee shop to show it up.


Daeva's Pass Rewards

Type Free Rewards Premium Rewards
Costume x

Hipster Haideron Set
(Hipster Haideron + Hipster Haideron Headwear)

Mount x

Scooter (30 Days) Box

Utility Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate Memory Shard

Oath Tablet
Ultimate Memory Shard
Ultimate Breath of Transformation

Manastone Ultimate Engraved Manastone Selection Box [BCM] Upgraded Ultimate Manastone Selection Box
Pets x

[BCM] Gold Inquin Egg (30 Days)

Empyrean Lord's
Holy Water

x Empyrean Lord's Holy Water
Title x [Title] Daeva Conqueror (30 Days)


Bundle Info

Bundle Item Qty
Daeva Pass Season 15 Jewel Box Daeva Pass Season 15 Attack Jewel 1
Daeva Pass Season 15 Defense Jewel 1
Scooter (30 days) Box [BCM] Scooter (30 days) 1
Ultimate/Paragon Enchantment Stone Selection Box Ultimate Paragon Enchantment Stone 1
Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone 1
Leibo Trace Box Shining Leibo's Protection (7 days) 1


Item Collection

Collection name Collection Register Item Collection Effect
Daeva Pass Season 15 Attack Boost Daeva Pass Season 15 Attack Jewel Physical Attack +100, Magic Attack +100
Daeva Pass Season 15 Defense Boost Daeva Pass Season 15 Defense Jewel Physical Defense +100, Magic Defense +100