Hello Daevas,

This Wednesday August 11th, we will be updating to 7.99, the last major patch before 8.0. This includes all updates released till February 17th for the Korean service.


[Kaldor’s Timeless Terrace]

A new zone has been added. “Kaldor’s Timeless Terrace.”

This new zone can be reached through a rift in the original Timeless Terrace.



  • “Void Trials”: The third boss has been updated.
  • “Heart of Apsaranta”: Quest instance has been added.
    • Group dungeon will be added in 8.0.



  • You can now choose which transformation image is displayed on your character, when you are using a transformation scroll.
    • Only transformations owned by the player can be selected.
    • Once selected, the players appearance will always be that of the chosen transformation when using a scroll.
  • Two new ultimate grade transformation have been added:
Rank Transformation Name Attributes
Ultimate Nezekan Atk Speed 50%
Casting Speed 55%
Speed 100%
Healing Boost 80
PvP Attack 236
PvE Attack 236
PvP Defense 241
PvE Defense 241
HP 4,400
Magic Resist 341
Physical Crit 331
Magic Crit 331
Zikel Atk Speed 60%
Casting Speed 45%
Speed 100%
Healing Boost 80
PvP Attack 236
PvE Attack 236
PvP Defense 241
PvE Defense 241
Physical Crit 420
Magic Crit 420
  • These new transformations can be obtained by assembling 500 Ultimate Memory Shards + 6 Ultimate Breath of Transformations.
  • Ultimate Memory Shards can be obtained through LugBug missions. Ultimate Breath of Transformation can be obtained through the BCM.
  • Three new transformation collections have been added:
Collection Name Applied Attributes
Ultimate Assassin Physical Crit Defense 60
Ultimate Protector Magic Crit Defense 60
Clash Physical/Magic Crit Damage 40


  • Added new runestones for Nezekan and Zikel transforamtions.
  • Captured Souls are no longer removed when exiting the Timeless Terrace.
  • Shards can now be stacked higher than 99,999.
  • Cubics can now be stored in the account warehouse.
  • Some Platinum Cubics can now be used in Lumiel’s Transmutation for 10 energy points each.
  • Added visual effects to some items.


  • New quests have been added.


  • Changed Daily/Weekly final rewards.


  • Added an Apprentice Teleporter that transports players directly to the Timeless Terrace entrance.
    • Located in Inggison/Gelkmaros next to the Teleporter.
  • Changed the entrance to some of the instances in Inggison/Gelkmaros.
  • Renown Reward shops now reset on Wednesday at 10:00 server time.


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue for players trying to join legions beyond level 9.


  • Fixed some Village quests so they can be turned in through the quest journal.
  • Fixed an issue with the Void Trials weekly quest resetting abnormally.


  • Corrected the text on some tool tips.
  • Fixed an issue with Seed of Transformation in Crimson Danaria


  • Fixed text on Glyph acquisition.
  • Fixed some incorrect help text.
  • Fixed some quest markers on the map for Crimson Katalam.


  • Fixed an issue with Echo of Paralysis not being removed by Focus Clear.
  • Fixed Templar’s Green Gemstone Skill “Panoply of Balance” so that if it is used on the same class, the +10 Red/Blue gemstone skill reuse time is properly reduced by 10%.