Update Arrival: September 28, 2022 

The end of September is nearly upon us, and with it, the 2.4: Wrath of the Storm Preview update! Below you’ll find sneak peeks of some of the additions and changes coming to Aion on September 28th. But while you wait, we’ve also got some bonus events planned for you to satisfy your appetite: 

Survey Event Dates: 9/16 - 9/28  

Simply login between the above dates and claim the in-game survey to receive your rewards. Additionally, players who login on the weekends during the promotion (9/16-18 & 9/23-25) will have an additional survey for a bonus reward! 

Now, to get to the heart of the matter, and why you’re all here:

Welcome to the 2.4 Preview!

Welcome, Daevas! The 2.4 Preview is about to descend upon us, and with it, the danger of a potential new Dragon Lord as well as Stormwing’s revenge as they attempt their escape. Before you lies an unenviable task of keeping the possible threat of two Dragon Lords from reigning their fury onto the land. Are you up to the task?




Araka is a dungeon located in Inggison Outpost and Gelkmaros Defense Base, where you can acquire ancient relics, Sapphire medals, and fabled grade equipment.

Surama, a high-ranking member of the Drakan Family, was appointed as managing director of Araka Farm.

Araka, of course, is most notable for producing about half of the total Drana for Tiamat.

Surama used his position to change the traditional way of producing Drana, shifting from ordinary plants and trees, to utilizing Elim.

As a result, Drana production greatly increased, and played a major role in the stable supply of resources for the Tiamat army.

However, Surama has also been secretly conducting biological experimentations using Dragel—scheming to turn himself into a Dragon Lord.

Your mission, Daevas, is that you must ensure a continued stable supply of resources for the Tiamat army, while putting an end to Surama's plot.


In Araka, you will need to utilize windstreams and gliding to move. You’ll need to take on and defeat 3 separate bosses.

Unyielding Beshmundir Temple

A new highest difficulty mode has been added to Beshmundir Temple. Challenge Unyielding Stormwing to obtain even stronger loot. Unyielding Stormwing will not tolerate any challengers!

As a result of one of Tiamat's time projects, various phenomena have occurred in Silentera Canyon, such as the unveiling of a new hidden area in the northern region, and the discovery of a dimensional rift connected to another twisted dimension's Draupnir Cave..

Eventually, a passageway connected to another dimension's Beshmundir Temple was discovered, and the Elyos and Asmodians were able to use the power of the Artifact to enter.

They arrived at a place where Stormwing, previously sealed in Ice, had regained his strength.

It is up to you to stop Unyielding Stormwing from escaping.

Unyielding Weapons

Abyssal Splinter

Inside the Divine Fortress the Abyssal Splinter has opened, enter to experience another Abyss. Prepare for battle by forming an Alliance capable of opposing an Alliance!

The Abyss is a distorted space created by Aether spewing from the destroyed Tower of Aion during the Epic Cataclysm squeezing through weak gaps in time and space. The flow of Aether reached into the Abyss and flowed towards the center, creating a new distortion of time and space near the Divine Fortress, as a result, a new unstable passage has been opened.

After capturing the Divine Fortress, the Balaur used it to set up a magic ward that accelerated the distortion for the purpose of infiltrating into Elysea and Asmodae and successfully opened the gate to an Abyss in a different dimension.

The Abyss, they discovered, was a space enveloped by a giant Aether crystal separated from Aion guarded by an ancient artifact. Through the long years, this Guardian Artifact created an instance dungeon to protect itself. The creatures in this dungeon, due to prolonged proximity with the artifact, mutated from their original appearance and now obey the Guardian and serve to protect the artifact.


The instance dungeon “Steel Rake” and “Nochsana Training Camp” have been revamped to be solo instances.

Enter the revamped Steel Rake and Nochsana Training Camp for rapid leveling. As the dungeons were changed to be solo dungeons, the stats and locations of all monsters in the instance were changed accordingly.

Steel Rake – Solo Instance


Nochsana Training Camp – Solo Instance

Upon entering the instance, you will be transformed into a Guardian. In addition, you unlock exclusive skills only available in Nochsana Training Camp.


Elyos Guardian

Asmodian Guardian


Mission quests have been reworked to increase levelling speed. Perform mission quests with greatly increased experience rewards!

Missions below level 50 have been revamped, and the acquisition level for some missions has been changed.

The EXP reward for level 51+ missions has also been increased.


Equipment Set – Gear Settings

The ability to change equipment according to the situation is added to support a variety of playstyles and scenarios. Gear Set is a function that allows you to freely configure and save your desired equipment sets. You can use this to quickly swap gear sets depending on the situation and enjoy more fun battles.


Tier Ranking System

A ranking system that will display strength has been added. Prove that you are the strongest Daeva by winning in the Arena of Glory!

Ranked Tier Ranks and Badges

Ranking tiers are divided into a total of 6 grades, and only the top 50 players are given a rank according to the arena type and their ranking when the season ends.

This is only a small sample of what is to come! As always, let us know what you’re excited about, what you’re curious about, and how we can continue to make Atreia an exciting place for you to engage with. As we come closer to the end of the year, we’re looking forward to the future and collaborating with our teams and the community.

We value your feedback, your passion and your drive.

Here’s to all that’s to come!